The Crypto world is growing very rapidly. Every day you can hear new terms, services, apps, etc. I wanted to describe the main resources, articles, blogs, and topics that I was investigating.

For easier navigation, I've divided information into sections and will be updating information from time to time.

Blockchain - fundamental service that can show you blockchain transactions, token info, market cap, etc. - provides extended information about coins: capitalization, charts, top wallets, etc. - the difference between BSC and Etherum

Trading - the biggest and most advanced exchange platform - one of the main trading platforms - very nice alerting service. It can alert you about coin listings, announcements, price changes, etc.

Stacking - very good resource for stacking of stable coins

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is a new generation of web that is built on top of blockchain which provides decentralization and security. - This service provides you the ability to buy .eth domain and set it up. Read more about web 3.0 {todo}